10 inspiring films for creative people

What should a miner’s son be interested in? There is no doubt: boxing and boxing only. But eleven-year-old Billy Elliot has his own opinion on this matter. He is in love with ballet. Tony’s father and older brother are furious when they learn that he has “traded boxing” for a less than “manly” dance.

Only the sharp-tongued teacher Mrs Wilkinson supports Billy in his desire to master plie and arabesque, and he gets the chance to enter the Royal Ballet School.


They live in the heart of the music world, New York. Dan is a show business legend and former head of a music label. Greta is a musician and ex-girlfriend of a rock star.

A chance meeting with Greta gives Dan another chance. They decide to record an album together. They have neither money nor professional musicians, but none of these matters because Greta and Dan are ready for the most unexpected turns in music and love. New York itself becomes their studio.


The film is set in 1899 in the famous Parisian nightclub. Moulin Rouge is not only disco and a house of tolerance, albeit a rich one. This is where, obeying an uncontrollable desire to feel the atmosphere of the holiday, people gather, suffering to join beauty, freedom, love and ready to pay for it in cash. This is where tragedy and comedy come together, luxurious interiors of the beginning of the century and modern musical rhythms.

 who has plunged headlong into the crazy world of nightlife, and the second is a rich duke, ready to buy the entire Moulin Rouge if only Satine spent with his night.

4. COCO’S SECRET” (COCO, 2017)

Twelve-year-old Miguel lives in a Mexican village in a shoemaker family and secretly dreams of becoming a . Once his great-great-grandfather left his wife, Miguel’s great-grandmother, for the sake of a dream that now does not allow Miguel to live in peace.

Miguel discovers a connection between him and his beloved singer Ernesto de la Cruz, now deceased. The boy goes to the idol in the Land of the Dead, where he meets his ancestors’ souls. Miguel meets a trickster spirit named Hector (in the guise of a skeleton), who becomes his guide. Together they set off in search of de la Cruz.


Two young American women, Vicky and Cristina, are spending their summer holidays in Barcelona and are completely fascinated by the city and a young artist named Antonio.

Vicki is old-fashioned and in the mood for a serious relationship: courtship, dating, and a wedding veil in the finale. Christina is sexually liberated and attractive in her rebellious nature. Antonio cannot decide who he prefers, and both girls attract him.

Relationships in a love triangle become more and more confusing, and then Antonio’s ex-wife, who has a very explosive temperament, comes into play. It seems that she has not completely renounced her rights to her ex-husband. In this film, creativity and inspiration play the roles of critical “participants” in the love polygon.


 marry of convenience: in England in 1795, a young woman had no other choice. However, when twenty-year-old Jane met the charming young Irishman, Tom Lefroy, his intelligence and audacity piqued her curiosity, and the whole world went headlong.

Will Jane be able to reject Lady Grisham’s nephew’s advances, go against the will of her parents and defy social norms?


A team of the best illusionists in the world crank out daring robberies right during their shows, playing cat and mouse with FBI agents. All their performances are just cover-ups to rob a bank or steal the coolest car in the world.

The police find out what is happening: it is clear that the suspects are very magicians. But not everything is so simple – the illusionists are much smarter than the police believe …

8. “THE TRUMAN SHOW” (1998)

Imagine that you suddenly begin to realize that everything around you is the scenery, and people are actors, pretending to be who they seem to you. Your whole world is a television series where you play the main role without even knowing it. And life is the result of the author’s work of a TV show, which has been watched by the entire planet for thirty years, starting from the moment of your birth.

In such a situation was Truman, the main character of the picture. Will he continue to live in a safe world, where, as he now knows, he has practically no freedom of choice, or will he leave the “game” and become the master of his fate, in which a girl who is not included in the script awaits him?


The 60s of the XX century. A couple of teenagers in love living on an island in New England flee from adult supervision. Sam Shakaski is a Boy Scout, an orphan abandoned by adoptive parents, an outcast among other Boy Scouts; Susie Bishop is a withdrawn twelve-year-old girl who lives dreams of magical worlds. Finding the loss, the local sheriff begins an investigation, and the boy scout camp leader organizes a search party.

Wes Anderson’s films’ scenery can be mesmerizing: fans inspired by them even created a special hashtag on social networks accidentally wesandreson . They are awarded illustrations, the visual series of which reminds of the paintings of this director. Looking through the illustrations marked by him, I want to pick up paints or a camera myself or repaint the walls in the apartment and purchase cute accessories for the home.

10. RIDA” (FRIDA, 2002)

Diego Rivera, his scandal with Rockefeller. Their numerous love stories will not prevent them from conquering the world, but will they be able to tame each other?

A biographical story about the life of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who was forced to overcome physical pain for many years and was not allowed to despair by love and art.


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