20 habits that will improve your life

1. Lie on your new back, hang your head and shoulders off the bed and lie there for a couple of minutes. It is instrumental in doing this before bedtime, after a day at your desk. Stretching this way will open your chest and allow blood to flow to your heart and brain.

2. Disable the autoplay function and leave the remote near the TV. It’s no secret that it is in the interests of streaming platforms to get us hooked on their content so that we watch more and more. Even if we planned to watch just one episode of the series, the next one will automatically turn on, and resisting the temptation to watch it will not be easy. Disable this function and leave the remote next to the TV – then you will have to make an effort on yourself: get off the couch and press the button to continue watching. You can new decide whether you want to continue watching or do something more helpful during this time.

3. Add your health expenses to the cost of any smart devices. We are used to surrounding ourselves with things that make us more lazy and immobile. Think about it: do you need a “smart assistant” to turn off the lights? Wouldn’t it be better to take another walk to the switch? So, before you get a credit card, calculate how many calories it will cost you to buy another gadget.

4. Every time you leave the toilet, do a few squats. Perhaps you are one of those who categorically cannot fit sports into their schedule. This is understandable: work, household chores, family … But the truth is that when we spend all day in a sitting position, our muscles atrophy. To keep your body toned, start squatting every time you leave the toilet or bathroom. It may be as little as ten squats a day at first – but that’s better than nothing.

5. Stand on one new leg when brushing your teeth in the morning (and on the other in the evening). As a child, you, most likely, could efficiently run along a narrow side or even a low fence, but what about your balance now? How long can your new stand on one leg? Isn’t it time to develop a skill you lost in childhood?
6. Sit correctly, namely – on the entire seat, not on its edge, without leaving a gap between the body and the back of a chair or chair.

7. Use websites, not applications. Mobile apps are designed so that you want to use them to let go of your phone literally. Everyone who has used the same Instagram web version will surely agree that it is not easy to get hooked on its use. This is precisely what we need! Let’s say no to gadget addiction!

8. Follow the 20-20-20 rule. Most of the day, many of us look at our phones or laptops’ screens, not what nature was intended for us! Set a timer to be distracted from the gadget every new 20 minutes for 20 seconds and a new look at an object 20 feet away from you [1 foot – 0.3048 meters, which means 20 feet – about 6 meters. – Approx. translator]. In this case, blinking is not only possible but also necessary.

9. Going to sleep, switch your smartphone to aeroplane mode and leave it in another room. Let’s be honest: we don’t get calls often in the middle of the night. But that is not usually there – rarely. This means that it is unnecessary to sleep in an embrace with the phone (significantly since the screens’ light interferes with falling asleep).
10. Unsubscribe from accounts that increase stress. It could be the social networks of public news or specific people who sow negativity and make you upset and suffer.

11. Do not go new shopping on an empty stomach. Research shows that in this case, resisting the temptation to buy something that does not fit into your usual diet is extremely difficult.

12. Pause between the main course and dessert. It takes our brains about 15-20 minutes to process the signal that we’re full, so if you jump straight to sweets, you’re likely to eat more than you need to in total.

13. Drink water before meals. Many of us easily confuse thirst with hunger, and most adults suffer from chronic dehydration. Drinking a glass of water before you eat can help you determine if you’re starving.

14. Before going to bed, put a glass of water by the bed. You’ve probably heard more than once about how useful it is to drink a glass of water right after waking up. But are you doing it? Most likely not – something invariably distracts you. To create all the conditions for yourself for this healthy habit to form finally.

15. Drink tea and coffee without sugar. Most of us already consume more sugar than we need – it is found in almost all manufactured products today. So it’s a good idea to at least stop pouring it into hot drinks. Trust me: a couple of weeks and you will get used to the fresh taste.

16. Always new wear sunscreen if you plan to be outdoors for a long time. Even if it’s cool and cloudy outside: in this case, UV rays can harm the skin, not only negatively affecting its condition but also provoking the development of cancer. Look for moisturizers with a protection factor of 30 or higher.

17. In winter, remember to take vitamin D. Vitamin D helps regulate our immune system, and we get it naturally from the sun’s rays. If there is practically no sun in your area in autumn, winter, and even spring, you will have to make up for this vitamin’s deficiency.

18. Give up gadgets while eating. Eating consciously means allowing your taste buds to taste the food and allowing yourself to enjoy the meal. Besides, it helps to relax and not miss the moment when we are already full.

19. Every time you come to the supermarket, buy fresh fruit or vegetable that you haven’t tried before. Typically, most of us eat the same thing every week. Thus, we are depriving ourselves of a variety of gustatory – and, most likely, essential vitamins too. Replenish their deficiency naturally.

20. Before flipping the tape further, take a deep breath in and out. Research shows that modern people forget to breathe when using their smartphone. Having received a message or notification, we seem to freeze internally. Therefore, before you pick up the phone and read the news that came to you, inhale for 4 seconds, hold new your breath for 5 seconds and exhale for 5 seconds. This will allow the body to get saturated with oxygen and you – to decide whether you need to check your smartphone right now.

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