23 killed in Mexico Metrorail line collapse

At least 23 people have been killed when an elevated metro rail line, including a train, crashed in the Mexican capital. More than 50 people were injured. The accident happened on Monday night local time.

The girder of the overpass on Metrorail Line 12 near Olivos Station, southeast of Mexico City, collapsed. As seen in the picture, two bogies of Metrorail are hanging from the overpass.

Mexico City Mayor Claudia Scheinbaum confirmed the casualty figures, saying children were among those killed. About 75 injured people have been taken to different hospitals. This is the worst accident since the Metrorail was launched in Mexico City in 1989.

Many people have gathered at the accident site out of fear that their relatives may be on the Metrorail. Rescue workers started work immediately after the accident. However, their rescue operation was postponed as the rubble was shaky. Later a rescue operation was launched by bringing a crane.

An eyewitness said he saw the structure of the metrorail line including the train collapse. It was covered with dust all around. When the dust cleared, he and others rushed to the rescue. But when he got there, he could not hear anyone screaming. He thinks that everyone was shocked by the suddenness of the incident.

A man named Jose Martinez said he was supposed to be on the train. But he was 15 minutes late because he was stuck at work. This delay has made his fortune auspicious.

A woman named Efrain Huarez, quoting her daughter-in-law, said her son and daughter-in-law were in the rubble. The daughter-in-law said that the metro rail line collapsed and fell on them. One man said his wife and brother were on the train. Although it is possible to get his brother’s wife out of the rubble, he does not know anything about his condition. The crash happened on a vehicle while passing under the metrorail line. However, one person in the car was able to get out.

There are 12 metro lines in Mexico City. Millions of people travel on these routes every day. The 12th line was launched in October 2012 when the current foreign minister, Marcelo Emerald, was mayor.

There are many questions about the quality of the work of the 12th line. Ricardo de la Torre, a resident who lives near the line, said when trains pass over the line, nearby buildings are shaken. He described the accident as a “terrible tragedy” and said he would co-operate in the investigation.

The first major accident in the history of the Mexican metro occurred in 1985. At least 23 people were killed and 55 injured when one metrorail went over another. One person was killed and 40 were injured in a collision between two metrorails there last year. In January this year, a fire in the control room of the Metrorail killed one person and 29 people fell ill due to smoke.


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