Allergy: what naturopathy and detox can do

In the spring, many of us exacerbate rhinitis and conjunctivitis, worsen bowel function, deteriorates the condition of the skin. And the awakening of the body after “winter hibernation” is often tiresome. Homoeopathy, naturopathy and detox will help to cope with problems in a matter of days.

Allergic rhinitis

The mood is beautiful, but suddenly my eyes turned red and tears appeared? If it is itchy in the nose and you want to sneeze literally at everything, then the allergic rhinitis has begun. The cause of such allergies can be pollen plants, ordinary dust and even a neighbor’s cat. Antihistamines help to stop the tears. But there is a way to prevent the disease.

For example, rinse your nose with seawater. Minerals and salts of seawater remove harmful substances from the body, thereby contributing to its purification. Nasal washing helps to free the mucous from dust and pathogenic and dangerous microbes, moisturize and restore breathing.

What to do: in a glass of NEW warm boiled water dissolve 0.5-1 tsp sea salt, food or peeled marine, which is sold in the pharmacy. The water tastes as salty as a tear. The easiest way to wash – to collect water in the palm of your hand, close with your hand one sinus and free to draw into the nose solution. Repeat the same with the second nostril.

The antiseptic possibilities of eucalyptus essential oil are very bright. When in contact with the air, its substances produce ozone, under the influence of which all bacteria are killed.

Going outside you can also grease your nose with aromatic oil. Most of them have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and bactericide effects. Plus, the improvement occurs immediately after application. The easiest and most NEW effective way is to grease the wings of the nose and place it under the nose with a drop of aromatic oil. Or do otherwise: drop a little oil or a mixture of oils on a handkerchief and the first allergic manifestations to inhale the aroma.

The oil of eucalyptus is beneficial in this sense, it relieves inflammation and has an antibacterial effect. It can be NEW used in combination with oils of bergamot, anise, tea tree, geranium, thyme and mint.

Spring detox

In the spring, the so-called “food allergy” can begin, i.e. intolerance of certain types of products. These phenomena can be accompanied by excess weight, redness of the skin, chronic fatigue and disruption of the stomach and intestines. All this is a consequence of one problem – the accumulation of toxins. It’s time to cleanse the body of toxins. To do this will have to eat less (and only light food) and drink a lot. If you follow the rules, the body will be free from the accumulated cargo in just three days.

What to do: to prepare a detox-drink hydromel. Per liter of water – juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Drink it you need a lot and often, including for 20-30 minutes before each meal. This cocktail perfectly cleanse the blood and the first noticeable sign will be a beautiful complexion and disappeared pimples.

As for nutrition, you can stick to different diets: Ayurveda, vegetarianism, raw food. Or act on a simple principle: the closer the summer, the more vegetables, greens and fruits in the diet and less meat.

Fatigue and drowsiness

Strangely, while the mood in the spring improves markedly, for the body awakening after “winter hibernation” is often tiring. Accumulated fatigue, haunts drowsiness, even bright sun is not always invigorating.

What to do: Drink a course of vitamin C. This is the most invigorating natural micronutrient, literally filling the body with energy. To properly “recharge” you need to take a vitamin for three weeks. First a dose of 500 mg, and a week later reduce the level to 250 mg in the morning and evening. It is noteworthy that taking vitamin C does not affect the course of the biological clock, it will not interfere with sleep. Vitamin is useful to give exhausted studies to children, it will improve physical activity.

Rosehip has 300 times more vitamin C than citrus fruits. In dried rosehip – up to 1500 mg per 100 grams, in oranges only 50 mg.

Ginger is also extremely useful in spring. It has been NEW scientifically proven that ginger acts favorably not only on the stomach and digestive system, but also on the respiratory system. Its detoxifying properties help cleanse the body, including from the residues of chemical drugs, and improve circulation. In addition, ginger – an excellent antiviral agent, it can be used as a prevention. The only contraindication to use is individual intolerance.

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