Breakfast in a new way

There is no time, no appetite, no desire to cook … Let’s try to change our view on the first meal of the day so that its beginning evokes only pleasant feelings. Five original healthy breakfast options: savoury or sweet, original or traditional, light or nutritious – which is your favourite?

What do you have for breakfast? Nothing? You are not alone – every fourth person in the world does the same. Coffee with milk? This is bad for your stomach, and you get hungry very quickly. A sandwich? Better, but still not enough.

Let’s face it, more new often than not, we tend to neglect the first and most important meal of the day. A monotonous and unbalanced breakfast does not evoke gastronomic imagination in us and does not arouse much interest. Meanwhile, it is he who can be turned into an almost inexhaustible source of pleasure. And it’s not difficult at all!

We selected five options for a morning meal and asked Jacques-Pascal Cusin, author of Breakfasts from the Masters of Dietetic Nutrition *, to comment on them. The suggested options can be alternated, or you can choose what is best for you – they are all excellent in taste and good for health.

“Petits Dejéuners des grands de la diététique”. Jouvence E’ditions, 2003.

Morning tea

Coffee is too exciting, and the feeling of a surge of strength that it gives is false and quickly passes. Traditional nutritionists and innovative opponents alike share this view. Milk should also be avoided: it is poorly absorbed and should be used with caution in those who are out of infancy.

Where is the exit? In tea. All experts unconditionally recommend green tea, which has protective and antioxidant properties and the ability to burn fat. However, if you do not like its specific taste, switch to red tea or tea “from the top three petals” (it is made from the youngest leaves, which are low in theine) – they are quite capable of competing with green.

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