Do you want to sleep well? Wear warm socks before bed

The cold is now such that even in a heated apartment, it is uncomfortable, so many put on pyjamas and even – to be honest – socks before going to bed. And, it turns out, they do the right thing!

Jess Andrade, a medic and TikTok star, said in a recent video that socks help us fall asleep faster. They warm our feet; thanks to this, our blood vessels expand, blood circulation improves, and the body gradually “calms down”. And then, the brain receives a signal that it is time to sleep.

Because of the video tip, more than a million people subscribed to Jess, and the post itself received 17 million views. It would seem that the advice is relatively innocent, but a real war suddenly flared up around it. Those who hate socks joked, “You forgot to mention that people who sleep in socks are prone to serial murder.” They wrote: “I like jokes, but socks in bed … it’s too much.” And the defenders answered them: “I cannot sleep without socks. This is entirely normal. ”

Andrade also shared the 10-3-2-1-0 method to help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. What do these numbers mean? It’s simple:
Ten hours before bedtime, you should drink your last cup of coffee because it takes 10 hours for new caffeine to be eliminated from the body.

Three hours before bedtime, exclude food and alcohol.

Two hours before bedtime – complete any complex intellectual work and relax. One hour before bedtime – put down phones, tablets and turn off the TV.

Zero means that you can quickly get up in the morning when the alarm rings, and you do not have to delay waking up.

Whether you love socks or hate them, remember that sleep is a critical part of recovery. Sleep new deprivation is a common cause of depression, new anxiety disorders, and even obesity. Therefore, with or without socks – get enough sleep.

Perhaps you have your secrets to sound sleep. The main thing is that they work.

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