Books about women and for women

Jojo Moyes
Louise Clarke, twenty-six years old, lives in a small town; she does not have the most sensitive family and not the most attentive boyfriend. Looking for work, she agrees to become a caregiver for a young and wealthy but paralyzed Will Trainor. He would like to control other people’s destinies, or at least his own, but even more – he would want to die. Of course, they will quarrel many times and fall in love with each other according to the genre’s laws.

And yet, the book of British Jojo Moyes is a novel about true love, where lovers are free to choose and can count on the support of their loved ones, no matter how difficult they make a decision.
Azbuka-Atticus, 480 p.

Forty-four contemporary Russian prose writers have written childhood stories. Readers will be able to re-experience the sonorous, spilt happiness in the world and sharp, apparent, burning grief. Everything is fair: a whole book of other people’s chocolates, tabby cats, dazzling light, stray dogs, angry shouts and childhood illnesses.

The collection presents an exciting cut of today’s Russian prose. Not all stories are suitable for children, but the book will remind their mothers: everyday troubles and quarrels are nothing compared to the mother’s love.
Azbuka-Atticus, 800 p.

Julien Sandrell
Thelma is making a career in a large cosmetics company and is raising her son alone. She is torn between responsibilities. Desperate to wait for his mother to pay attention to him, the boy rushed on a skateboard around the corner – right under the truck. Louis is in a coma, and Thelma is looking for a way to reach him. Her son’s diary, accidentally found by her, with a list of cherished desires, suggests how to awaken in Louis the thirst for life.

Sandrell wrote a kind, sparklingly funny, inventive novel about the power of a mother’s love and faith. And it is not at all necessary to wait for extraordinary circumstances to use this magic. While reading a book, I want to immediately turn off my laptop and phone and notice those we love.

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