Five myths about the benefits of water

Even mild dehydration can have unpleasant consequences,” says Angie Eakin, MD, “we get irritable, we can’t focus on anything, and our head hurts. Therefore, of course, you need to drink clean water constantly so that all the cells of the body function without interruption.

But there are a lot of new false facts about water that are worth refuting. ” Chronic dehydration is our constant diagnosis. Once upon a time, it seemed to us that the amount of water with which we drink each meal is quite enough. But not today. For some, it is enough to spend an hour without taking a sip, as they begin to think that they are dying of dehydration.

“Stay calm,” asks Barbara Rolls, PhD and professor of nutrition at the University of Pennsylvania (USA), “unless you eat chips and salty crackers all day long, your food contains 20% of your daily fluid requirement. It is enough to drink water when you feel thirsty. ”

And if you include the following foods in your diet, then you definitely won’t be dehydrated. Cucumbers contain 97% water, cauliflower 92%, spinach 91%. Like strawberries, which is also 91% water.

The brain confuses hunger and thirst.
“Believe me, the body knows the difference,” says Barbara Rolls. – Moreover, hunger and thirst are not even similar in sensations and different mechanisms of the body are responsible for them. So, when we are dehydrated, we feel an unpleasant dry mouth. This is the result of a decrease in the volume of blood cells. But hunger comes from a lack of nutrients and glucose, so we feel a rumbling and empty stomach. ”

Two litres of water a new day is a random number. Many people have much less, but some need to drink more Therefore, if you are hungry, it is not the body that confused hunger and thirst. You may be just bored. Stress can trigger the same response.

You need to new drink two liters of water a day “This is generally a random figure, which has no evidence base,” says Dr Angie Eakin. – Everyone needs their own amount. Much less volume is enough for many of us, but it’s better to drink more if it’s hot outside. During pregnancy, you can also increase the amount of fluid consumed up to two and a half litres. And we must take into account that we are talking about the liquid in general, which the body receives, and not only about pure water. ” In a word, you should not measure the amount of water you drink in millilitres. If you drink when you feel thirsty, you are doing the right thing.

Drink a lot during sports.
It seems to you that since you sweat a lot during an intense workout, you are at risk of dehydration. Therefore, you drink water from the cooler in the sports club every 15 minutes. But there is also overhydration.

“This is called hyponatremia when the sodium level in the blood drops due to a large amount of water you drink,” explains Mitchell Rosner, professor at the University of Virginia (USA). – Listen to your body; drink only when you feel thirsty. You will not be dehydrated by sweating profusely. Don’t trust your instincts? Weigh yourself before and after training and drink half a litre of water for every half kilogram lost. ”

Drinking plenty of water will pacify hunger.
“On the contrary, water cleanses and empties the stomach. Therefore, choose soups based on light broth. They are low in calories and saturated, unlike a litre of clean water,” advises Barbara Rolls. If you convince yourself that water suppresses your appetite, then it will. It’s worth experimenting. Just remember – everything needs a measure!

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