insurance to protect you from accidents at work

There is just one sort of shock worse than the unexpected: the anticipated one for which you could have refused to organize. Spoken by the English author Mary Renault, this sentence is pertinent to the safety supplied by the Protected Now coverage.

In Italy, many individuals underestimate the necessity for defense within the occasion of an unexpected occasion – harm and sickness – but these occasions are uncontrollable and may occur at any time, particularly at work. On a regular basis in a single’s life, most are spent pursuing one’s occupation: taking out accident insurance coverage at work is a gesture of accountability, not solely in the direction of themselves, but in addition in the direction of their companion and their youngsters.

The truth is, accident insurance coverage meets three wants:

  • guaranteeing monetary peace of thoughts for your loved ones within the occasion of a lack of well being by the insured
  • assure their belongings regardless of the value of the medical bills to be incurred
  • assure to their household, within the occasion of dying, the upkeep of the identical way of life

Protected Now is the accident coverage of MetLife that protects your family members, guaranteeing a necessary capital within the occasion of dying or whole everlasting incapacity from harm, equal to or higher than 66%.

The coverage is legitimate all over the place, and protects each throughout work and in free time, in Italy and overseas. You possibly can select the beneficiaries and the capital within the activation section.

How does Metlife Protected Now work?

Protected Now could be the best insurance coverage for whoever you need to protect against accidents at work as it allows to maintain the standard of personal and family life in the event of serious and unforeseen events.

If an accident at work, but also on the way to work, causes a total permanent disability, the policy would economically help the insured person to cope with the inability to work and the expenses for treatment or other needs.

Safe Now offers two plans, Smart and Gold. Smart pays a sum of money to the insured person in the event of disability. The Smart plan offers € 200 thousand, while Gold 300 thousand. In case of death instead, the money is received by the beneficiaries of the policy who are the people chosen by the insured at the time of joining – but who can also be changed later – or the heirs (if the beneficiaries are not indicated in the contract).

Who is Safe Immediately for?

Thanks to the capital paid in case of accidents, Safe Now is especially suitable for certain types of people. If you are self-employed or if you represent the only income of your family, you cannot do without work insurance.

Here’s to whom and why it is recommended Safe Now:

self-employed workers: if you do not have a contract, but you are a freelancer, you do not have any workplace insurance coverage. Wherever you are and whatever happens, you will have to pay the medical bills resulting from an accident out of your own pocket. Safe Immediately, on the other hand, it allows you – by liquidating a large capital – to incur those expenses, without having to dent your savings;

single-income families: If you are the only one working in your family, but an accident makes it impossible for you to continue doing it, it would be difficult to sustain the normal rhythm of life. Not only medical expenses but also those related to housekeeping and child support, which would become a problem. With the capital liquidated by Sicurezza Subito, your family could instead continue to maintain the same standard of living, having the time to find your own balance.

Either way, you can choose Safe Now anyone resident in Italy and aged between 18 and 74 years old. At the time of joining, there must be no disability recognized by INAIL equal to or greater than 66%.

Safe Now, the policy for the whole family

If you need protection for the whole family, if you also want to protect yourself from any unforeseen events that may happen to your spouse or partner or to your children, you can also request a package that includes the protection of all members of your family. In fact, three protection plans are envisaged:

individual guarantee plan;

couple guarantees plan;

family guarantee plan.

How much does work accident insurance cost?

The cost of Safe Now varies according to the chosen plan. The premium is annual, but can also be paid in quarterly or half-yearly installments.

If you have chosen the Smart plan, it costs you € 11.20 per month, while you will spend € 17 per month in the case of Gold. The first month, to welcome you is free. Furthermore, the premium is tax-deductible from the tax return, in particular, you can deduct up to 19% of the premium paid.

How to take out Safe Now

It is enough to take out MetLife’s accident insurance at work request an online quote and then join by phone. Protected Now could be energetic from the day following the signing of the contract, offered that the premium has been paid. If you’re inquisitive about defending your loved ones, you’ll be able to request a free quote to be known as again by considered one of our brokers.

Taking out work insurance coverage means investing in your individual security.


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