Just in case: how to always look flawless

When, without sleeping, you need to go somewhere, the appearance – the last thing you want to think about. Of course, you can go out the way it is. But if you are already a little more than 15, then to devote at least a couple of minutes is still worth it.

Care. For a few hours of sleep, the skin did not have time to recover. That’s why it’s pale and swollen. With caffeine, ivy extract or other components with a drainage effect stimulate microcirculation and improve the complexion. A mini-massage of the famous Japanese beautician Yukiko Tanaka (Yukuko Tanaka), which can be done, even going down in an elevator or warming up the car, increases the effectiveness of cosmetics. You don’t have to do a full three-minute version.

Makeup. Olga Komrakova, Clarins’ leading makeup artist, recommends drawing the lashing of black eyeliner and lashes. “To make the look as fresh as possible, the lower eyelashes and the lower eyelid is better not to touch – emphasizes the makeup artist. “Smoky eye makeup doesn’t fit either: it only accentuates fatigue.” You can add a little powder with a tan effect on the whole face, coral blush, peach lip gloss: warm shades refresh.

SOS: Concealer. After all, fatigue primarily manifests itself on the skin around the eyes. Also, this tool visually reduces nasal folds if you apply it to this area. Guerlain art director Olivier Eshodmeson advises using a concealer closer to the nose without touching the skin under the eye’s outer edge. The circles are camouflaged, and the makeup is imperceptible. “Choose a concealer for a lighter tone than your skin,” he adds.

And with him, the joy of life. From a kilogram of sweets eaten the day before, bags formed under the eyes. And the skin has dried up like parchment. In this form, personal life is not exactly correct.

Care. Make friends with hyaluronic acid. In serums, creams, masks. The latter is well done daily until the skin comes to mind. Thermal water helps to relieve irritation and peeling. Take into service the soothing compresses that make patients in the French hospital Av’ne: for 15-20 minutes (and if you have enough patience, then longer) spray water on the face so that the skin does not have time to dry. After wet it with a paper napkin and apply cream or mask (with hyaluronic acid, of course).

Makeup. Even when you feel lonely, your face can radiate confidence and carelessness. As? Apply shimmering cream shadows of beige color and lashes on the upper eyelid – one layer of waterproof mascara, which will withstand the sudden gushing tears. Pink translucent lipstick with a radiant effect will refresh the complexion. To prevent it from spreading, use the reception of the makeup artist of L’Or’al Paris Karim Rahman. He circles the contour of the lips with a cotton stick soaked in micellar water to remove the remedy’s excess and then outlines the silhouette with a corrector, using a small flat brush made of artificial lint. The lipstick stays in place for many hours.

SOS: highlighter, corrector or concealer. Any of these products can adjust the makeup, mask the circles under the eyes and redness.

Colds, angina, aggravation of gastritis.  During the disease, the body uses all recovery resources, and the skin almost does not get nutrients. Within 48 hours of the first symptoms, it burns from dryness, and the complexion worsens.

Care. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals charge the skin with energy. Particularly good are those that also stimulate cell renewal (for example, serum with vitamin C). Supplements will also not be superfluous. For example, excellent restorative and detox-action have spirulina and royal jelly.

Makeup. During a cold, the skin around the nose blushes and dries. “Apply a moisturizer or nourishing balm not twice a day, but as often as necessary,” recommends Clarins lead makeup artist Olga Komrakova. “You shouldn’t use a corrector and powder: they only emphasize peeling. Nourishing tonal cream for dry skin is a better option for camouflage.” Creamy pink blush on the apples of the cheeks add freshness to the face.

Pregnancy is beautiful. But the closer the birth, the less energy the expectant has, which is also needed for her beauty. Redness, hypersensitivity, inflammation – it seems the skin has gone on strike.

Care. Do not fight imperfections aggressive methods. Salicyl peeling should prefer mild almonds, which “calms inflammation no less effectively, while not injuring even the most capricious skin with vitriol or rosacea and does not increase its photosensitivity,” notes UltraCeuticals dermatologist Marina Khabipova, for home care are good products with vitamins and minerals, which gradually normalize the skin condition.

Makeup. The expectant mother should not forget that she is a woman. Brown blush, also called sculpting, will add a rounded face of elegance. Apply them under the cheekbones with a brush of natural lint, moving from the earlobe to the lips’ edge. Don’t forget to blend it. “The eyelashes are not too long,” Olivier Eshodmeson notes, recommending two, and for the evening, three layers of mascara to reveal the look. “Before you apply the next layer, let the previous one dry out. Otherwise, the eyelashes will stick together,” he recalls.

SOS is a product that stimulates collagen production, as the reserves of the dermis, the deep layer of the skin where these “youth fibres” are located, are depleted during pregnancy.


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