Man City in the Champions League final for the first time

English club Manchester City reached the final of the Champions League for the first time by defeating PSG with a pair of goals by Riyadh Maharaj. In the second leg match, they lost to the Persians 2-0.

Pep Guardiola’s side won 4-1 in the second leg as they were ahead in the previous leg. The winning team between Chelsea and Real Madrid will face City in the final.

PSG will have to do an impossible task to reach the final. The Persians, who had never won against Manchester City, had a 2-0 victory in their heads. At the same time, the weather of Etihad was against the visitors. The whole field was fragile in the snow.

The 2-1 win over Park des Princes took Guardiola to the final. So more naughty citizens at home. It started in Manchester, where it ended in Paris.

Offensive plan of the English. Didn’t have to wait long to get the result. The difference is 1-0 and aggregation is 3-1 in just 11 minutes of the match. Riyadh Maharaj snatched the spotlight. The festival is held at the Dhal Citizen Camp.

Then there was another great attack on the hosts. But the firmness of the defense saved the visitor. PSG was trying hard to return to the match. But all seemed to have failed to the plan of the Spanish guru. Neymar’s efforts seem to have stopped outside the D-box.

The tension increased in the second half of the match. The Pachettino disciples became desperate to return to equality. Killian Mbappe, one of the biggest stars of the team, had to stay in the gallery. All the tricks of the guru have failed.

On the contrary, in the 63rd minute, the festival city Manchester. At first Kevin de Bruyne’s shot went back but the last was not saved. Once again, Riyadh Mahrez took away all the light. He finished 2-0 with a perfect finish. Until then, the dream of playing in the final of PSG is very dusty.

Angel de Maria, the Argentine star of France, lost his temper in the 69th minute. The opponent hit the footballer and left the field after seeing the red card. PSG became a team of 10 people.

However, he could not take advantage of this opportunity. The gap was not extended to Guardiola’s disciples. In the end, the gap is 2-0, which is 4-1 in aggregation.

With that, Manchester City entered the final for the first time. Where Real Madrid or Chelsea are waiting for them. However, if Chelsea can reach the final, then the football fans will watch the All English final again after 2019.


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