Medication for drowsiness

In autumn and winter, many of us always want to sleep. On how it is easier to wake up in the morning and feel cheerful all day long, we asked to tell the constant expert Psychologies, nutritionist Anna Belousova.

Why do we especially want to sleep in autumn and winter? The light day is concise now. And in the dark, our body produces a particular hormone, melatonin. It regulates the frequency of sleep and is made only in conditions of total darkness. That’s why it’s tough for us to wake up when it’s still dark outside. And yet, despite this, there are many ways to make the morning pleasant and the day – cheerful. Here are some of them.

Turn on the lights

Saving on electricity in the morning is not a good idea. As soon as you get out of bed, turn on the bright top light in all the rooms. This will instantly stop the production of the sleep hormone, and you will feel more cheerful.

Take a deep breath

Essential oils have been successfully used in cosmetology and oriental medicine since time immemorial. Representing a particular type of gas, they enter the body through the nose and directly affect the brain. Some essential oils have stimulating properties and can help us wake up. For example, citrus essences, lovely orange increase the production of hormones of joy and stimulate the brain. They also protect the airways from viruses and bacteria. Just bring a bubble to your nose with one of the refreshing essences and take three deep breaths.

“In the new morning, the sense of smell is sharpened. Everything we inhale gets right here,” Anna Belousova points to her forehead. She also offers her patients coffee aromatherapy, which is especially good if they do not drink coffee. Fresh grains should be put in a jar with a tight lid. Add on your nutmeg, cinnamon stick, vanilla or cloves. “It is important that the very appearance of this bank raises the mood – the expert emphasizes. “It’s good to write a good, encouraging or humorous message to yourself.” Take a few deep breaths to get out of bed, taking a refreshing mixture to the face. And feel that you no longer want to sleep.

Anna Belousova’s Home Pate

“For breakfast, I cook homemade liver pate. Shop 60% consists of fat, and mine turns out to be light and can be stored in the refrigerator for two weeks. Mix the crushed liver with the crumb of bread, chopped carrots and fresh apple. Wipe them to a homogeneous mass and bake in a pot for half an hour at 100 degrees. To make the pate more tender, I put the pot in a container of water.

Have a good breakfast

Porridge and a sandwich with liver pate – a great option of “awakening” breakfast. Krupa (except rice and decoy), bread with bran and coarse flour, liver of birds, fish and animals contain a mass of vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. These substances help the nervous system to work as it should at this time of day. That is, in the morning invigorate, and in the evening, help to relax.

Fruits and berries added to the porridge prolong the feeling of satiety. “They are rich in fiber, which makes it very difficult for the stomach,” explains Anna Belousova. “Thanks to them, you won’t remember the snacks until lunchtime!” They are rich in vitamin D and bioflavonoids. These substances stimulate overall vitality and increase our body’s ability to resist harmful environmental effects.

“To really wake up, you need to speed up the circulation of energy in the body,” says Solange Dessimoulie, founder of the aromatherapy brand Decl’or Dessimoulie. She has been engaged in qigong for many years. – First, stretch well and yawn widely, then pull the feet with simple massage movements, which will prompt intuition. I do it every day (it takes no more than a minute) and only then go to the bath and kitchen.” 

Have a refreshing drink

Caffeine, theobromine, tannin – natural stimulants are in excess contained in tea, coffee, cocoa and hot chocolate. The latter, by the way, is also rich in glucose, which in the morning invigorates (in the afternoon, on the contrary, lulls). However, to consume these drinks on an empty stomach is not necessary: they suppress appetite. And coffee, in addition to this, also aggressively acts on the stomach and can cause gastritis.

The best option: before breakfast, drink a glass of room temperature water to “turn on” the digestive system, and tea, coffee, chocolate or cocoa to drink after a meal. When choosing a drink, it is worth considering a few details. For example, milk reduces caffeine absorption. Also, it has a calming effect. By adding it, you nullify the invigorating abilities of the drink. Instant coffee contains very little caffeine and is unlikely to help wake up, even if you make it strong and without a drop of milk.

Add a couple of drops.

Ginseng, lemongrass, aralia, Rhodiola pink (also called golden root) are natural adaptogens that help those who have chronic fatigue. These plants normalize the state of the nervous system and help with drowsiness, fatigue and apathy. They can be used as a pharmacy infusions or make broths yourself. Each of these plants affects the body in its way. The instruction will help you determine what is right for you.

Dinner four hours before bedtime

A dense late dinner is a key to morning sleepiness. Ideally, you should leave the table four hours before bedtime. In a pinch – for two. Cottage cheese, eggs, vegetables and fish are perfect for the evening; for dessert are good bananas, berries, baked apples, marshmallows, pastilles. These foods do not require much strain on the digestive system. Mint, lime, chamomile, verbena tea remove excitement and help to relax. Fried and sweet have a stimulating effect, so in the evening, they are not worth it. If the appetite played out at night, choose low-fat dairy products at room temperature (milk, kefir, yoghurt, sourdough).  Their protein and fat are quickly and easily digested. Magnesium in their composition acts soothingly and helps to assimilate calcium, which they also contain in excess. In the evening, it is especially true: our body loses calcium mainly at night.

Lie down before midnight

It’s time to remember that the sleep hormone melatonin is produced in the dark. An hour before bedtime, turn off your TV and computer, dim the lights. Reading a magazine or book, a warm bath, meditation – such evening classes calm the nervous system and help you sleep, and therefore start the next day in a great mood.

Dinner is easy to make easy if your menu during the day is balanced. “It’s good to have a good breakfast and lunch,” says Anna Belousova. It’s good to have a snack before you leave work. For example, a banana is excellent for a snack. Satisfying, it increases the production of the joy hormones serotonin and endorphin, which become less in the afternoon.”

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