Panic around the world over China’s ‘uncontrolled rocket’ could fall at any time

The largest rocket made by China has gone out of control after launch. The rocket can hit any part of the world at any time. It was launched experimentally on April 26. On April 29, it became uncontrollable.

The core of the rocket (‘core’) is 30 meters (100 feet) long. Space News, a news agency, reported the news.

The name of the rocket (module) of the Chinese Space Research Organization is ‘Long March 5B Rocket’. The rocket was built under the Tianhe Space Station project. It was prepared for launch last month.

The rocket was able to successfully place in orbit of the space station. Later the ground station went out of control.

Now it is orbiting the earth. In a few days, it could enter the Earth’s atmosphere and crash. It has also been caught on the radar.

The module is now hovering between 106 miles and 231 miles above the surface.


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