Sleep for Beauty

Everyone knows that it takes at least 8 hours to sleep: that’s how long it takes our body to recover fully and the cells of our skin to renew. Dermatologist-cosmetologist and one of the creators of the brand organic cosmetics REN Colette Haydon (Colette Haydon) tells how to fix the most common mistakes after sunset.

An important rule: before going to bed – no fighters, news, tumultuous correspondence, and even more so on social networks. Try to leave all the problems of the last day on the doorstep of the bedroom. Try to relax to the quiet music: 10-15 minutes of meditation, stretch marks, and you don’t have to toss in bed without sleep.

Silk blindfold, without which the windy Holly Golightly, the heroine of the book “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, will be helpful to you except on the plane. Unless, of course, you go to bed at 6 am! In a dark and quiet bedroom, these accessories will only get in the way. Try not to burden yourself with anything extra.

Much has been written about the new dangers and benefits of coffee, but most researchers agree that coffee is helpful in the morning. Drinking at breakfast cup improves mood, gives strength and activates the brain. But from a cappuccino after lunch or dinner, it is better to refuse – such a charge of vivacity at this time is no longer needed. By the way, if you do not like coffee, try after breakfast coffee beans in chocolate – the effect will be the same.

They can be added to the bath, applied to whiskey and even added to body cream. Try not only relaxing lavender but also eucalyptus – for ease of breathing, ylang-ylang – from fatigue, an orange to tune in to a positive way, or a rose to survive mood swings hormonal imbalance during menstruation.

Take vitamins and dietary supplements at breakfast or lunch – at night, they are of no use.

Try to drink at least new one and a half litres of water a day: dehydration and thirst can prevent you from falling asleep. However, a lot of drinking at night is still not worth it – for obvious reasons. Fragmented sleep prevents you from relaxing and resting.

Many believe that the more prosperous and fatter the cream, the more effective it will be at night. Often, this leads to the fact that we wake up with swelling in the morning – “bags” under the eyes. Experiment: if oily creams don’t suit you, choose products with a light texture. Make sure that the ingredients do not catch the eye – this will inevitably lead to swelling.

It is at night that many components of creams and serums act more effectively. The reason is that at night the cells are quickly renewed, which means that night sleep is the best time for remedies for acne with cortisone or anti-ageing with retinol.

The most critical mistake is to fall asleep without washing. Day and tonal cream plus an accumulated layer of dirt will not let your skin breathe, and mascara, eyeliner or shadows, which lasted on the eyes for more than 24 hours, can cause an allergic reaction or conjunctivitis.

If sometimes in the evening you feel completely without strength, use (for example, already in bed) good cleansing napkins: you will spend two minutes to get rid of everything that has accumulated on your skin for the whole day. If you have not been able to do this, thoroughly clean your face in the morning and apply a detox mask for breakfast.

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