The government will consider everything: Attorney General

Attorney General MM Amin Uddin has said that the government will decide whether it is necessary to send BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia abroad for treatment, considering the surrounding conditions. He said the government would look into the matter after considering everything. He was responding to a question from reporters on Tuesday afternoon.

Asked whether the BNP chairperson would be allowed to go abroad, Attorney General AM Amin Uddin said, “The government has released her under Section 401.” Now it seems that you have to come to court to do this (if you want to take it abroad). Even then I can’t say without looking. Now the government will consider how much treatment she (Khaleda Zia) needs, what is the system here in Bangladesh or not.

Incidentally, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has been admitted to Evercare Hospital in the capital. He was shifted from the hospital cabin to the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) in the afternoon due to shortness of breath since Monday morning. So far he is receiving treatment there. Khaleda Zia’s family and party want to take the party chairperson abroad for better treatment as her physical condition is deteriorating.

According to a personal doctor of Khaleda Zia, the BNP chairperson used to take regular treatment in Singapore and London. The doctors involved in her treatment knew well about Khaleda Zia’s condition. For this reason, the treatment would have been better if he had been taken out of the country once again. Because, Khaleda Zia is suffering from various diseases. “Khaleda Zia was in jail for more than two years,” he said. He has spent more than a year in his home like a prisoner. That’s why a throttle test and treatment is needed. ‘


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