Viral young woman vaccinated in wedding dress

Sarah Stadley, a young woman from Baltimore, USA, has recently gone viral with the coronavirus vaccine after her wedding gown. According to the Washington Post, Sarah Stadley and Brian Harler, 39, got engaged in November 2019. Then they plan to get married in 2020

He also invited 100 guests to the wedding in a grand ceremony in San Diego. But almost everything stopped last year because of the Corona epidemic. The familiar picture of the world also changes. As a result, they also have to abandon this plan.

Although they got married outside the San Diego County Clerk’s Office at a small event in November. There they wear a traditional wedding dress. A small dinner was then arranged; Where a few close relatives were present. However, the couple wanted to hold a large-scale stylish reception with family and friends next June in the hope of fulfilling their elusive dreams. For this, Stadley also bought a beautiful gown designed by Polka Dot.

But the second wave of Corona has already reappeared. As a result, when the vaccination program began in the United States in January of this year, they canceled the reception. As a result, Stadley was disappointed that the gown he had bought for the reception would no longer be worn. He regretted that it would not be used again until a good event came.

However, the day of the vaccination seems to be a special day for Stanley. Because he was inspired to see a post by someone on Twitter. Someone posted a picture on Twitter after a long gown embroidered on the occasion of the vaccination and wrote in the caption ‘This is my best event this year.’

Inspired by this incident, she too arrived at the M&T Bank Football Stadium in Baltimore after the gown she bought for her wedding reception on the day of the vaccination.

Stadley says the vaccine is not a cure or an end to an epidemic, but it is certainly a turning point. He added that if the vaccine is given, he will be able to embrace his 81-year-old father without any fear.

Stadley’s husband, Harler, said he was surprised and delighted when his wife arrived wearing the dress. Pictures of Stadley receiving her vaccine after her wedding gown have been widely shared on social media. Besides, a lot of people have also reacted to it.


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