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Accident coverage: is it helpful or not? When ought to it’s stipulated and what does it entail? Who and what do the varied varieties of insurance policies available on the market defend?

The argument is intuitive, however realizing it intimately shouldn’t be trivial.

The truth is, we all know that accidents at work and their financial penalties are topic to the safety ofInail, we all know that it’s as a substitute theInps to supply for the fee of working days ‘misplaced’ because of sickness.

Nevertheless, it is just the personal accident insurance policies that intervene within the occasion of unintended and dangerous occasions occurring through the each day routine, sporting exercise or just at residence. The aim of those insurance policies is defend the insured from the financial repercussions of those unexpected occasions, reimbursing a predetermined quantity within the occasion of hospitalization, therapy, rehabilitation and remedy prices, and likewise in circumstances of non permanent or everlasting incapacity.

The varied varieties of accident insurance coverage

L’harm insurance coverage exists in two variants: in necessary kind (required by regulation to guard the worker) and privately, such because the coverage of father of the family to protect the wife and children, specific accident policies for sporting activities, coverage for travelers, accident insurance policies against domestic accidents and those that provide wide-ranging protection against various types of unforeseen events, from trivial falls to serious accidents.

There is therefore a policy for everyone more or less personalized, which of course will be chosen taking into account your specific needs, both economic and coverage.

Accident policy

It offers an economic contribution as compensation as a result of an accident, generally with fixed amounts that are paid in the presence of certain events (e.g. hospitalization, convalescence)


Event due to an unforeseen, violent cause that produces physical injuries with ascertainable consequences


Amount of money awarded to the insured, based on the type of injury suffered and the treatment dealt with

Who should be insured against accidents?

As mentioned, the accident policy protects during daily life. In particular it is suitable for self-employed workers, who in the event of illness or injury cannot count on the compensation provided by INAIL for employees, and will therefore have to deal with both medical expenses and lost earnings.

Even the employees though they can supplement their employer’s insurance with a private accident policy. With a small monthly expense, you have a sum available which, in the event of an injury, allows you to access better treatments and personalized therapies, thus allowing a faster recovery.

In particular, accident insurance is recommended for sportspeople, to those who carry out demanding activities in their free time, to those who love to travel both for work and for personal pleasure or to those who want to protect the family during household activities or school.

The accident insurance is therefore also a guarantee for the family budget against unexpected costs for treatment, hospitalization, immobility or physiotherapy. Precisely to protect the standard of living of the family, some accident policies offer an important sum in the event of death or total permanent disability, thus helping to face the consequences of the most serious unforeseen events.

What is an injury

L’injury it is a “fortuitous” event, dependent on an external cause, immediate and violent and not attributable to the direct or indirect will of someone.

In fact, with the accident policy, only the direct and exclusive consequences of the accident are covered and indemnifiable, and the consequences of pre-existing illness or disability are not covered.

How the accident insurance works

Like all insurance policies, the accident policy is also based on payment of a premium to the insurance coverage firm, a sum of cash that varies in accordance with the kind of protection and ensures chosen.

Along with the indemnities, i.e. the sums that the corporate pays to the insured or the beneficiary within the occasion of an accident, help companies can be included within the coverage, which provide concrete help in tough moments (e.g. child sitter, physician, residence physiotherapist ).

Some examples of conditions during which the insurance coverage firm doesn’t acknowledge compensation even when there was an harm:

  • The accident occurred whereas driving however the insured shouldn’t be certified
  • The harm occurred in a state of drunkenness or within the presence of voluntary psycho-physical alterations
  • The occasions are because of pure disasters (until the coverage supplies for a derogation)
  • The policyholder doesn’t notify the corporate of a change (e.g. in well being situations) which entails a higher threat of harm

Indemnities, each day allowances and deductibles of an accident coverage

The indemnities of an accident coverage, that’s the sums that the insurance coverage pays to the insured or the beneficiary, are triggered provided that the accident is appropriately communicated.

These indemnities might be paid in several methods.

In precept, taking out accident insurance coverage the fee of a sum, which can rely for instance on the variety of days spent within the hospital or from the times of plaster forged or convalescence.

Some insurance policies like Prepared, protected… Go! present for the doubling of compensation if the accident happens overseas. With the Gold plan you may obtain € 400 per day (as a substitute of € 200) for hospitalization overseas following an harm.
There are insurance policies that additionally supply ancillary companies akin to residence physiotherapy, 24-hour medical session, nurses and babysitters.

The indemnities due for non permanent incapacity, alternatively, are established on the premise of the accidents and disabilities reported, whereas within the occasion of everlasting incapacity, the quantity of the indemnity is established within the coverage or calculated on the beforehand paid capital.

So all that continues to be is select the accident coverage that most closely fits your wants, and why not, additionally ask the corporate a couple of questions when you have any doubts (maybe on its web site or on its Fb web page).

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