Where are the rich people of India in Corona?

India, which has become the epicenter of the global coronavirus epidemic, is now fighting for its lives. In that fight, those who have money in their hands have spent lakhs of rupees and rented planes and migrated abroad. The list includes rich as well as Bollywood stars.

Although many of the country’s top millionaires are in the country, they have left their homes in big cities and taken refuge in less densely populated areas. Others are trying to build a safety net with family members and emergency workers at the residence.

The search for safe haven for the Indian rich began at a cost of millions of rupees a few days ago. Even in mid-March, the number of corona patients identified in India in a single day was close to 20,000.

Then the infection spreads by leaps and bounds in the country. Within a month, the number of infected people reached close to three lakh a day. Last week, the number of patients identified daily in the country was more than three and a half million. Of these, four lakh corona patients have been identified in the country in one day.

Corona’s push upset India’s healthcare system. It is difficult to admit new patients in the most cluttered Delhi hospitals. Many patients die due to a lack of oxygen there. Social media is full of eagerness to find oxygen and hospital beds. The state of Karnataka also died due to a lack of oxygen in the hospital. Other cities have also been in turmoil.

In this devastating form of corona, many Indian millionaires and rich people spend millions of rupees on booking flights to Europe, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean. Rajan Mehra, chief executive officer of Club One Air, a New Delhi-based private airline, told Bloomberg News:

Many Bollywood stars have visited different countries including Maldives. More than a dozen countries, including Canada, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, imposed travel restrictions on India late last month after the Corona situation worsened.

According to the Maldives, from April 26, all travel for Indians will be stopped, they will only be able to visit the island with a few resorts. And this is the last-minute charter flight to go to the country.

Mehra, who has previously led Qatar Airways in India, said, “Before the ban was imposed, passengers flocked to London and Dubai. According to him, the flight from New Delhi to Dubai cost up to Rs 1.5 million, including ground handling and other fees. Private airlines have also charged return flights.

A spokesman for Air Charter Service India said people’s interest in getting private jets had reached “insanity”. He said the people themselves arranged their teams and rented their planes. They are desperate to get a seat on the plane.

According to the Sunday Times, on April 24, eight private planes left India for the United Kingdom in a single day. The 9-hour journey costs more than লাখ 136,000 per flight.

Among the billionaires who have not gone abroad, they are trying to create safe haven within the country. Billionaire Chris Gopalakrishnan, co-founder of India’s IT giant Infosys Limited, has been placed under house arrest in Bangalore with family members and staff.

Citing him, NDTV reported that the organization is going out and avoiding communication. They only eat home-made food. Another Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani is also under house arrest in the city.

Biju Rabindranath, founder of Biju, India’s most expensive startup online education provider, also lives with family members at his home in the vicinity of Bangalore.

According to a report published by NDTV, the two richest people in India have shifted to less densely populated areas of the country. Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani has moved with his family members from Mumbai, the commercial hub of India, to the Jamnagar suburb of Gujarat.

There are two large oil refineries complex owned by Reliance Industries Limited owned by him.

Another man, Gautam Adani, India’s second-richest man, has moved into his home on the outskirts of Ahmedabad in Gujarat with his son and family members.

However, these Indian rich people are trying to be by the side of the people of the country in these difficult times. Ambani’s Reliance Industries is supplying oxygen from their oil refinery complex to treat corona patients. The group’s charitable arm, the Reliance Foundation, is building a 1,000-bed center to treat patients in Corona. There will be free treatment.

And Adani Group, which operates India’s largest port terminal, is playing a key role in managing the supply of oxygen from Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Dubai, the statement said.

Billionaire Sunil Vaswani, founder and chairman of Indian smartphone maker Dixon Technologies, is staying with his family in Delhi. They are not communicating directly with anyone outside. Sunil Vaswani said that virtual communication is being maintained with colleagues.

He said a factory for making RT-PCR machines was set up last year with the aim of increasing covid test in India. Now you are trying to make it more dynamic. Besides, the process of bringing oxygen concentrator in the situation is going on.


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